Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kevlar Tungsten rings from Mad Tungsten

Kevlar, a bullet proof material that has created a latest trend in the jewellery industry in combination with the stongest tungsten carbide rings and Mad tungsten has created a revolution by making the best kevlar rings in the insustry with stylish designs and classic look.

Shop your wedding rings online from MAD Tungsten buy choosing a strongest pair from the Kevlar collection or custom constructing your own design of rings.

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Brushed tungsten rings

Brushed Tungsten rings

Tungsten  rings can give a fashionable yet a classic look and when it comes to brushed tungsten rings you  can add a perfect matte finish to your rings.  Brushed tungsten rings have a matte finish look where they lack the polish and shine but this matte finish look can still add a new style. There are various range and style of brushed tungsten carbide rings to choose from. 

Mad Tungsten rings provide different types of tungsten rings and rings with a comibination of brushed and polished finish. Here are few tungsten rings from brushed tungsten rings collection of Mad tungsten. 

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