Friday, 26 September 2014

Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings

                                                        Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings

Mad Tungsten Rings is now reaching beyond horizon and making an impact in the sky is what matters. As the name suggests, this ring is the ultimate stunt a ring would ever perform. Let’s not get confused; to put things in perspective, this ring is a perfect skyline product. Drifting In the sky is something definitive and attempting anything closely to this is just plain crazy. A comfortable enough blue ceramic flowing in between the finely polished tungsten with two close grooves on either side expresses passion and supremacy. Vapor trail – Ruling the skies.   

Monday, 8 September 2014

Redline Tungsten Rings

  Redline Tungsten Rings:

Red symbolizes love and this ring exactly depicts it as the core function. A colossus ring with a touch of love is something a muscular man can fancy.  It’s not just about the ring that gives pride to the man; it provides a rather satisfactory response from the women too.  The red brick textured carbon fibre centring a brushed layer with deep diagonal cuts and finally the immaculately polished outer layer brings out the best face a ring could ever have. The hard exterior is something one could fancy and love at the same time. 

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Cupid tungsten rings

Cupid Tungsten rings:

     These rings are born to fulfil a mission, a mission through with the eternity of two souls are destined together. The name Cupid is more than just apt for such traditional rings. They accomplish a destiny awaited by two eager souls and bind them together for perpetuity. Based on a traditional design these rings are given a perfect structure and texture. The finely polished edges cornering the brushed top, gives life to the ring. As smooth as knife through butter, this ring designed for couples, is a creation made by the love of God himself. 

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Double drop mad tungsten rings

Double Drop:

The perfect ratio of the brilliant black tungsten surrounding and centring the elegant green carbon fibre catches ones eye at just a flash.  The seamless chemistry between these two makes this tungsten-carbide ring an impeccable choice as a wedding ring. The Double Drop tungsten ring gives a man confidence and the sense of responsibility, something every marriage requires.  No lies, no deceits, this tungsten ring is exactly what one should opt for to remind himself of his entire relationship is based on. Getting over either of the possessions, the lucky girl and the ring, is just impossible. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oxford Black Tungsten Rings for Men

Let’s talk elegance. Its style, grace, sophistication and class all in one and the name Oxford describes it all. We at Mad tungsten rings have put our supreme effort in bringing these qualities to life. Naming it Oxford tungsten rings, we just did not just create a ring, we created a masterpiece. It’s an abnormality if your heart doesn’t crave for it. The perfectly dressed royal blue carbon fibre on either sides of the thin tungsten strip displays everything a man could desire for. The equation on how the tungsten equates the parting of the two carbon fibre strips is what makes this ring distinctive.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trendy Black Tungsten Ring - The Hummer !

It may depict an All-Terrain Military look, but the portrayal is pure civil. The niche it stands for is power, versatility and force. So you better not mess with it. The black plating over the rigid tungsten defines quality and the yellow carbon fibre path centring the firm black plating outlines class. The usage of it as an everyday accessory never drags your mentality over cheap thrills. The weightage it bears is significantly tough and versatile. Let’s judge this particular aspect with just the looks, because that’s what matters in this case. It’s tough, it’s hot and it’s war.

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