Monday, 29 December 2014

Qualities that a Wedding Ring Must have !

There is a person who leaves behind everything to just be with you. And that person deserves to have everything he/she wishes for. God makes these relationships in haven and joins them in a holy matrimony called ‘Marriage’. This day embarks as the single most important day of their lives. Mad Tungsten Australia comes across many such star crossed love stories. The one common thing in every marriage is the fact that, the two strive to make everything perfect this day. Let it be the flowers, outfits, the location, the band and of course the rings.

Everything that is involved in a wedding just lasts for a day, except for a few. Wedding rings are to be worn every single day and hence the reasoning required in choosing the right rings are of utmost importance.

Since worn everyday these rings have certain qualities. 
The first of all is the comfort it gives you; wearing a ring with a big stone it is madness. Washing the dishes, everyday office work and nurturing your kids wouldn’t be an easy task when the ring stands as an obstacle for all these. 
Two - it must be shatter proof and scratch proof. The ring must look new every time you see it; otherwise it just becomes an eyesore to your own eyes. 
Three - just looking at the ring must sooth your heart. This point isn’t a myth, a perfect ring does sooth a heart every time you look at it.

A ring with these three qualities make the perfect ring; and to stone lovers, a diamond ring isn’t what makes this. Tungsten rings makes the perfect choice when these are taken under consideration. Comfortable, shatter proof, scratch proof and it does definitely sooth your heart when you choose the perfect design.    

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Madtungsten Wishes Happy Volunteer's Day

What do I like the most? 

 Sport Cars, Swiss Watches, The Happy Meal and the list goes on. The interest changes as time passes by and the one thing we all ought to remember is drowning. Not the Titanic,(because you know, it’s already down); the topic here is about giving something back to the community in return to all it has given you with. Money, yeah!!! That’s good, but not good enough. Well, the community deserves something way more than just a couple hundred dollars, they deserve service. Because money buys things and service rules the hearts of people and people should aim for the hearts.

To commemorate this year’s International Volunteer Day, Mad Tungsten Australia would love to show respect to the ones that have volunteered themselves to causes that makes this world a better place to live. Furthermore we are slashing down the price of our Signature Tungsten Ring, which without doubt is the signature of Mad Tungsten Australia. Slashing down the price of it by 10%, we deliver the best of our rings at a price that is unbelievable. A Mad Offer which one simply cannot refuse.  

Profiting the people who dedicate themselves to a social cause is a strong belief we follow. On the verge of laying the best foundation ever in the history of tungsten jewelry, Mad Tungsten realizes what volunteering for a social cause really is. Mad Tungsten Rings Australia – Providing people what they deserve

Monday, 24 November 2014

THE WHITE RIBBON – An Oath against Women Cruelty

“Say no to violence”, is something everyone should adhere to. Well, what do you have to say about this? I assure that it is the same that you too believe in. White ribbon isn’t about that; it is something about far more precious to Mankind. It is a revolution against Women Inhumanity. #WhiteRibbon2014 should be revolutionary and this doesn’t mean that it is just hype. We must take our head way far beyond and criticize the pain and brutality women face in this “evolved world”. (The “Evolved World” was just a mean thing to say, but yeah it was totally appropriate). It’s quiet fuming to even know that people take hands on women.

Mad Tungsten Australia respects women and dedicating a ring to this cause brings us pride. Introducing the Mud Guard Tungsten Ring, a pure white ceramic layering the tough black tungsten, is the perfect for one to showcase your support for this wonderful cause. Naming it the Mud Guard was the most apt name we could ever come up with. The cruelty shown being the dirty mud and the bearers of the rings are the protectors of the souls who crave safety. Be a proud member of this league and dedicate your bravery against Women Cruelty.

Wearing it alone doesn’t make you a hero, standing up for the cause is the most definite reason you must vouch for. Take an oath to protect not just the ones you care for, but also the ones who require your help.    

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#WearItPink: Mad Tungsten Supports Awareness for Breast Cancer

We could be heroes, me and you!!! That’s just the beginning of something great, nothing is ever going to stop us from achieving what we deserve, not even Breast Cancer. A cancer that specifically targets women!!! That’s so rude. Being the most common Cancer among women, it threatens the life span of even a healthy woman. It’s not just we must save ourselves from this deadly disease, but it solely falls on us to support and campaign crowds spreading awareness. If it’s not us then who will it be?

#WearItPink is an initiative to bring awareness within people about Breast Cancer and their deadly outcomes. Apart from just educating people about the effects, the #WearItPink campaign is a research that saves lives. October 24th isn’t just a date to flaunt your pinkest dress from the large wardrobe from your house. It is a date to showcase your support for those who actually went down having this dreary disease.

Mad Tungsten Australia has come up with a specifically designed ring to show its support to this awareness. Named Pussy Kat, this ring is the perfect way to show your support for those brave heroes who really did go through the painful path. It’s important that we remember them and this petite yet grand ring showcases every bit of the struggle that made this happen. A hard worked struggle and a tough earned life is never going to sink. It’s time for every woman in you to be a hero. Get your ring here.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Mad yet thankful – a gracious season by Mad Tungsten

Stuffing bread inside a turkey, saucing it on the above and placing it into the oven may look tiresome, but the result is sure damn delicious. Mad Tungsten is on row to dedicate this thanks giving to world renowned philosopher who not changed the views of people but rather enlightened crowds with his expertise. Dedicating a ring to this wise man brings immense pleasure to the Mad Tungsten Australia.

The influence behind this brilliant piece is the Chinese Philosopher Confucius, a spiritual leader who actually promoted the values and virtues of obligations. Morality and justice being the prime concern of this laureate, the effort made by him to spread this message is palpable. Crossing boundaries, swimming oceans, climbing mountains and tunneling through every obstacle in its way, his teachings inspired the entire world. Apart from the philosophical knowledge imparted by him, the political teachings are something rulers and politicians still shadow.

On this thanks giving, let us be thankful to God for providing this world with a person filled such wisdom and grace. A perfect thing to be thankful for. Mad Tungsten – Remembering legends.  

Friday, 26 September 2014

Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings

                                                        Vapor Trail Tungsten Rings

Mad Tungsten Rings is now reaching beyond horizon and making an impact in the sky is what matters. As the name suggests, this ring is the ultimate stunt a ring would ever perform. Let’s not get confused; to put things in perspective, this ring is a perfect skyline product. Drifting In the sky is something definitive and attempting anything closely to this is just plain crazy. A comfortable enough blue ceramic flowing in between the finely polished tungsten with two close grooves on either side expresses passion and supremacy. Vapor trail – Ruling the skies.   

Monday, 8 September 2014

Redline Tungsten Rings

  Redline Tungsten Rings:

Red symbolizes love and this ring exactly depicts it as the core function. A colossus ring with a touch of love is something a muscular man can fancy.  It’s not just about the ring that gives pride to the man; it provides a rather satisfactory response from the women too.  The red brick textured carbon fibre centring a brushed layer with deep diagonal cuts and finally the immaculately polished outer layer brings out the best face a ring could ever have. The hard exterior is something one could fancy and love at the same time. 

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Cupid tungsten rings

Cupid Tungsten rings:

     These rings are born to fulfil a mission, a mission through with the eternity of two souls are destined together. The name Cupid is more than just apt for such traditional rings. They accomplish a destiny awaited by two eager souls and bind them together for perpetuity. Based on a traditional design these rings are given a perfect structure and texture. The finely polished edges cornering the brushed top, gives life to the ring. As smooth as knife through butter, this ring designed for couples, is a creation made by the love of God himself. 

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Double drop mad tungsten rings

Double Drop:

The perfect ratio of the brilliant black tungsten surrounding and centring the elegant green carbon fibre catches ones eye at just a flash.  The seamless chemistry between these two makes this tungsten-carbide ring an impeccable choice as a wedding ring. The Double Drop tungsten ring gives a man confidence and the sense of responsibility, something every marriage requires.  No lies, no deceits, this tungsten ring is exactly what one should opt for to remind himself of his entire relationship is based on. Getting over either of the possessions, the lucky girl and the ring, is just impossible. 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Oxford Black Tungsten Rings for Men

Let’s talk elegance. Its style, grace, sophistication and class all in one and the name Oxford describes it all. We at Mad tungsten rings have put our supreme effort in bringing these qualities to life. Naming it Oxford tungsten rings, we just did not just create a ring, we created a masterpiece. It’s an abnormality if your heart doesn’t crave for it. The perfectly dressed royal blue carbon fibre on either sides of the thin tungsten strip displays everything a man could desire for. The equation on how the tungsten equates the parting of the two carbon fibre strips is what makes this ring distinctive.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Trendy Black Tungsten Ring - The Hummer !

It may depict an All-Terrain Military look, but the portrayal is pure civil. The niche it stands for is power, versatility and force. So you better not mess with it. The black plating over the rigid tungsten defines quality and the yellow carbon fibre path centring the firm black plating outlines class. The usage of it as an everyday accessory never drags your mentality over cheap thrills. The weightage it bears is significantly tough and versatile. Let’s judge this particular aspect with just the looks, because that’s what matters in this case. It’s tough, it’s hot and it’s war.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Burnout Tungsten Rings for Men

Burnout Tungsten Ring, it's rubber burning. The look everyone desires is finally here. Rough, stylish and classy, all in one. The stunning look of the carbon fibre with tungsten, not just envies people but plunges a desire to graze it over their finger or at least have a touch of it. The diagonal cuts add servility to the fibre band and the neatly polished segments acts as a crown to the entire jewel.

The message it liberates is confidence, crafty and class, the major aspects that a man should endure. The showcase of such charm on you wouldn’t escape an eye passing by you. Burnout- it’s hot, it’s smoky, it’s disastrous.

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Should the Bride and Groom have Matching Wedding Rings?

Should there be Matching Wedding Ring for a marriage? Should the couple wear different rings? Should the Groom design a ring for the Bride of his/her likes? Well, many may get confused and tired of asking these question again and again.
Some say that marriage is a union, and the Wedding ring should be matching when
Soul-mates get together. When you want to be romantic, you do not want to be dissimilar.
In Contrary, when the couple is united by heart and mind, then why is the matching ring actually needed? And obviously, there are possibilities of someone not satisfied with the design.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Do Men's Tungsten Rings compete with Platinum

Do Men's Tungsten Rings compete with Platinum

We always had a dilemma whether to buy Platinum Rings or Tungsten Rings for any special occasions or for casual wear. Because these type of rings cannot be bought more often and they are also bit costly we have to be very careful when selecting our choice of rings. Before choosing between Tungsten or Platinum just know some basic things about them like their Durability, Pricing, Design and Look. Both Rings have their unique properties and characteristics. After having some knowledge about these you can go and select the best one that will suit you and your budget. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Confucius Tungsten Rings

Named as Confucius, this ring is featured with Oriental patterns and it symbolises wisdom & greatness in your life. Mad Tungsten was inspired by the famous Chinese philosopher who influenced social relationship, morality and justice. The stylish ring is ideally built for person with high spiritual nature and who wishes to impart sacred knowledge. Made from the highly graded Tungsten carbide and plated with rose gold, its design is simply stunning. Be it for a formal occasion or for the ever special wedding, this ring will be the best fit for your dress. 

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Drifter Tungsten Rings

Stop worrying for not having a Girlfriend. With our sexy, hard Hammered Tungsten rings you can get a Hot or a pretty girl in no time.Our Mad Drifter tungsten rings are best suited for wedding occasions. Their surface are polished to glory which makes you the center of attraction. They are very tough and are manufactured to look elegant. Wherever you go you will be the chic magnet.

Mad Tungsten Drifter Rings are made up of using Ceramic , Tungsten Carbide which makes them strong, shock and scratch resistant.  This Drifter rings surface are coated with grey ceramic material. 
Mad Tungsten has every kind of rings for both men and women for almost all occasions.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Ring Regulations to wear your Engagement Ring on your Wedding Day

Rings exchange at wedding and engagement represents solemn promise of a everlasting relationship. We exchange rings at Wedding and also at Engagement. Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings being important part of our life, do we wear both ?

Do you wear your Engagement ring on your wedding day ? If so , how ? To clear all your confusions and to know the ring regulations, Read more.

To get new wedding ideas, wedding tips, and information about Tungsten Rings, read Mad Blog.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Durable Wedding Band Choices for Men

Wedding Band is a special jewel for every bride and groom since it plays a important role in the wedding. It remains as the symbol for never ending everlasting relationship.

Such Important Wedding band must be durable and should have less maintenance and lasts for ever as the sign of eternal love.

Lets take a quick look on the classifications of Rings which are made into 2 categories for guiding you to choose the durable ring. Read More..

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Guide to get the Best Rings to propose your Man

Proposing to your Man whom you consider as your world is not a cakewalk. Its intricate and involves a lot of confidence and conviction.

Once you drive your courage up to propose him, there should be something special that you do for him when you propose. The best choice is a ring with lot of beautiful words to confess your love for him.

If you have decided to choose a ring for an everlasting relationship then try an Everlasting Tungsten Ring. Read More 

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Inspiring Pink themed bride's maid look

Pink colour describes  unconditional love, light heartedness and has always been a inspiration for Women. Pink colour represents beauty and hence it best matches women. It represents a softness and generous character of women. The combination of such special colour and a special occasion like wedding together makes the day unique and Memorable.

In Weddings, the woman invited as a bride's maid would be a most important person in Bride's Life. Such a important person's appearance has the most part in a beautiful wedding.

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

A variety of Wedding tuxedo styles from Mad Tungsten Rings

Tuxedo, a classic formal dressing wore for a official vacations and wedding. Those these tuxedo are similar in styles are are a wide variety of options to choose from.

read more about wedding tuxedo  to rock the aisle with your girl.
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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kevlar Tungsten rings from Mad Tungsten

Kevlar, a bullet proof material that has created a latest trend in the jewellery industry in combination with the stongest tungsten carbide rings and Mad tungsten has created a revolution by making the best kevlar rings in the insustry with stylish designs and classic look.

Shop your wedding rings online from MAD Tungsten buy choosing a strongest pair from the Kevlar collection or custom constructing your own design of rings.

Read more about Kevlar rings and shop your Tungsten carbide rings online

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Brushed tungsten rings

Brushed Tungsten rings

Tungsten  rings can give a fashionable yet a classic look and when it comes to brushed tungsten rings you  can add a perfect matte finish to your rings.  Brushed tungsten rings have a matte finish look where they lack the polish and shine but this matte finish look can still add a new style. There are various range and style of brushed tungsten carbide rings to choose from. 

Mad Tungsten rings provide different types of tungsten rings and rings with a comibination of brushed and polished finish. Here are few tungsten rings from brushed tungsten rings collection of Mad tungsten. 

You can shop your perfect rings from :