Thursday, 26 June 2014

Do Men's Tungsten Rings compete with Platinum

Do Men's Tungsten Rings compete with Platinum

We always had a dilemma whether to buy Platinum Rings or Tungsten Rings for any special occasions or for casual wear. Because these type of rings cannot be bought more often and they are also bit costly we have to be very careful when selecting our choice of rings. Before choosing between Tungsten or Platinum just know some basic things about them like their Durability, Pricing, Design and Look. Both Rings have their unique properties and characteristics. After having some knowledge about these you can go and select the best one that will suit you and your budget. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Confucius Tungsten Rings

Named as Confucius, this ring is featured with Oriental patterns and it symbolises wisdom & greatness in your life. Mad Tungsten was inspired by the famous Chinese philosopher who influenced social relationship, morality and justice. The stylish ring is ideally built for person with high spiritual nature and who wishes to impart sacred knowledge. Made from the highly graded Tungsten carbide and plated with rose gold, its design is simply stunning. Be it for a formal occasion or for the ever special wedding, this ring will be the best fit for your dress. 

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Drifter Tungsten Rings

Stop worrying for not having a Girlfriend. With our sexy, hard Hammered Tungsten rings you can get a Hot or a pretty girl in no time.Our Mad Drifter tungsten rings are best suited for wedding occasions. Their surface are polished to glory which makes you the center of attraction. They are very tough and are manufactured to look elegant. Wherever you go you will be the chic magnet.

Mad Tungsten Drifter Rings are made up of using Ceramic , Tungsten Carbide which makes them strong, shock and scratch resistant.  This Drifter rings surface are coated with grey ceramic material. 
Mad Tungsten has every kind of rings for both men and women for almost all occasions.

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