Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Designed at Sea; Created on Land

This week we have a great story to share from Nick, one of our customers, who got a custom ring made up. He was really kind to write up this detailed testimonial for us. We do often get asked how do I request a custom make, well we say you can request it however you want, but if you ask us for an example, you just have to read the email below that Nick sent us requesting a custom make.





This is how it all started……


First of all, my name is Nick. I’m getting married early next year, and am trying to organize my wedding band. Who knew that this whole endeavour was going to be so complex??? We picked out my bride-to-be’s wedding band ages ago, and I just haven’t found anything that really takes my fancy. It seems that it’s me that’s the picky one!

After over two years of being engaged, and the wedding fast approaching, I’ve finally settled on my design, and am in the process of finding some master craftsmen to help me with it. I’ve been looking over your website, and you guys seem to do some awesome rings, so hopefully what I’m proposing is within your scope of work.

So, let’s get down to what I’m after. First things first, have a look at the attachment named “Heartbeat Ring”. This is the overall theme of the ring I’m looking for.

Black on the outside
· My bride-to-be’s ECG (heart beat) laser etched or inscribed on the outside band – without the heart inscribed as the picture shows.
· Metal inside the band
· Inscription on the inside of the band.

I’ve been looking at two of your rings that could serve as the base – the Mystic black, and the Slick black.

I like the idea of the metal inside the band as shown on the mystic black, but i prefer the matte finish as shown on the slick black. I am open to suggestion is to which exterior finish would look better and be more durable with the ECG inscription on the outside.

I hope I have made myself somewhat clear as to what I’m chasing, I’m having a hard time verbalising the picture in my head!

I am currently deployed overseas with the military and have no form of phone communication out here, so unfortunately, all correspondence will have to be done via email.

If you could send your replies to both, and I would be much obliged, as I don’t always have access to my personal email either! I imagine I would be 4-6 weeks away from placing my order if you are able to craft the ring for me, I still need to get my brides ECG.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my idea.



mt-home-customer-story1Until I finished typing this email out, I thought that I wasn’t really a fussy sort of bloke. Looking over my request – I thought I would be asking the impossible. I wanted something completely custom, from the middle of the ocean, half a world away, with no communication methods except email (I’m a sailor in the Navy).

Over the following three months, the team at MadTungsten worked with me tirelessly to design a completely one off ring that I absolutely love.

We went through every facet of the ring in detail, design, composition, engraving, etching, sizing etc. They deciphered my pitiful scratching’s in MS paint, and used their expertise to work out what was best for me.

After I the rush of the wedding and the honeymoon, I reviewed my correspondence with these guys, and had to come back to write them a testimonial.

I’ve never bought another wedding band before (thankfully), but what I can attest to is that this team of people have displayed a passion for their work with the utmost professionalism, and I will be forever grateful for the stunning work of art they have created for me (at a fee so reasonable I was stunned).

I’ve attached some timeline photos for you all to enjoy.

Thanks again to the crew at MadTungsten!


Thank you Nick for that wonderful story and sharing those lovely photos, here’s wishing you two the very best.


To get your very own custom made ring, please check out our mens wedding rings maker here, or choose from one of our special mens rings in stock and ready to ship.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Custom Tungsten Rings : the rings that last forever | Mad Tungsten

The ring you have on your hand is directly proportional to the love you two possess. That maybe a true fact, but there are various other factors that fall into making your relationship sacred and long lasting. It often is the little things that prove to your consistent half that you she/he means a lot you than you express. And of course the wedding ring is major part of it. People say that gestures matter the most when it comes to love and care. Like remembering the very small things that he/she loved one says. These things count.

So, as far as the wedding ring or the wedding band goes, making it something special is important and that being the top priority you have to craft it to perfection. Just going into a shop and buying the first thing you see wouldn’t suffice. It’s your big day and you two deserve something unique that sets you apart from the other couples. The option of customizing your ring is made available in various shops around you but the truth is that online shops make it easy for many to customize their rings and is even easier for them because they could browse through varieties of rings and that makes people have a wide option on how to customize their rings. Tungsten wedding rings and bands are becoming famous for all the right reasons these days. This metal being hard and famous for its integrity, gives people the content satisfaction when customization is made possible in those. Customize it to make your ring something special, for eternity.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Custom Tungsten Rings for your Wedding by Mad Tungsten

A commitment is not just a set of words that are recited to your loved ones during marriages in the form of vows. It is much more. This commitment is bonded by exchanging rings and it falls on you to make this ring a special one. Order an engraved wedding tungsten ring today.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Qualities that a Wedding Ring Must have !

There is a person who leaves behind everything to just be with you. And that person deserves to have everything he/she wishes for. God makes these relationships in haven and joins them in a holy matrimony called ‘Marriage’. This day embarks as the single most important day of their lives. Mad Tungsten Australia comes across many such star crossed love stories. The one common thing in every marriage is the fact that, the two strive to make everything perfect this day. Let it be the flowers, outfits, the location, the band and of course the rings.

Everything that is involved in a wedding just lasts for a day, except for a few. Wedding rings are to be worn every single day and hence the reasoning required in choosing the right rings are of utmost importance.

Since worn everyday these rings have certain qualities. 
The first of all is the comfort it gives you; wearing a ring with a big stone it is madness. Washing the dishes, everyday office work and nurturing your kids wouldn’t be an easy task when the ring stands as an obstacle for all these. 
Two - it must be shatter proof and scratch proof. The ring must look new every time you see it; otherwise it just becomes an eyesore to your own eyes. 
Three - just looking at the ring must sooth your heart. This point isn’t a myth, a perfect ring does sooth a heart every time you look at it.

A ring with these three qualities make the perfect ring; and to stone lovers, a diamond ring isn’t what makes this. Tungsten rings makes the perfect choice when these are taken under consideration. Comfortable, shatter proof, scratch proof and it does definitely sooth your heart when you choose the perfect design.    

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Madtungsten Wishes Happy Volunteer's Day

What do I like the most? 

 Sport Cars, Swiss Watches, The Happy Meal and the list goes on. The interest changes as time passes by and the one thing we all ought to remember is drowning. Not the Titanic,(because you know, it’s already down); the topic here is about giving something back to the community in return to all it has given you with. Money, yeah!!! That’s good, but not good enough. Well, the community deserves something way more than just a couple hundred dollars, they deserve service. Because money buys things and service rules the hearts of people and people should aim for the hearts.

To commemorate this year’s International Volunteer Day, Mad Tungsten Australia would love to show respect to the ones that have volunteered themselves to causes that makes this world a better place to live. Furthermore we are slashing down the price of our Signature Tungsten Ring, which without doubt is the signature of Mad Tungsten Australia. Slashing down the price of it by 10%, we deliver the best of our rings at a price that is unbelievable. A Mad Offer which one simply cannot refuse.  

Profiting the people who dedicate themselves to a social cause is a strong belief we follow. On the verge of laying the best foundation ever in the history of tungsten jewelry, Mad Tungsten realizes what volunteering for a social cause really is. Mad Tungsten Rings Australia – Providing people what they deserve

Monday, 24 November 2014

THE WHITE RIBBON – An Oath against Women Cruelty

“Say no to violence”, is something everyone should adhere to. Well, what do you have to say about this? I assure that it is the same that you too believe in. White ribbon isn’t about that; it is something about far more precious to Mankind. It is a revolution against Women Inhumanity. #WhiteRibbon2014 should be revolutionary and this doesn’t mean that it is just hype. We must take our head way far beyond and criticize the pain and brutality women face in this “evolved world”. (The “Evolved World” was just a mean thing to say, but yeah it was totally appropriate). It’s quiet fuming to even know that people take hands on women.

Mad Tungsten Australia respects women and dedicating a ring to this cause brings us pride. Introducing the Mud Guard Tungsten Ring, a pure white ceramic layering the tough black tungsten, is the perfect for one to showcase your support for this wonderful cause. Naming it the Mud Guard was the most apt name we could ever come up with. The cruelty shown being the dirty mud and the bearers of the rings are the protectors of the souls who crave safety. Be a proud member of this league and dedicate your bravery against Women Cruelty.

Wearing it alone doesn’t make you a hero, standing up for the cause is the most definite reason you must vouch for. Take an oath to protect not just the ones you care for, but also the ones who require your help.