Monday, 24 November 2014

THE WHITE RIBBON – An Oath against Women Cruelty

“Say no to violence”, is something everyone should adhere to. Well, what do you have to say about this? I assure that it is the same that you too believe in. White ribbon isn’t about that; it is something about far more precious to Mankind. It is a revolution against Women Inhumanity. #WhiteRibbon2014 should be revolutionary and this doesn’t mean that it is just hype. We must take our head way far beyond and criticize the pain and brutality women face in this “evolved world”. (The “Evolved World” was just a mean thing to say, but yeah it was totally appropriate). It’s quiet fuming to even know that people take hands on women.

Mad Tungsten Australia respects women and dedicating a ring to this cause brings us pride. Introducing the Mud Guard Tungsten Ring, a pure white ceramic layering the tough black tungsten, is the perfect for one to showcase your support for this wonderful cause. Naming it the Mud Guard was the most apt name we could ever come up with. The cruelty shown being the dirty mud and the bearers of the rings are the protectors of the souls who crave safety. Be a proud member of this league and dedicate your bravery against Women Cruelty.

Wearing it alone doesn’t make you a hero, standing up for the cause is the most definite reason you must vouch for. Take an oath to protect not just the ones you care for, but also the ones who require your help.