Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Black Tungsten Rings from Mad Tungsten

Black Tungsten Rings from Mad Tungsten 

The Tungsten carbide rings are gently polished with a coating of black to produce the stunning Black Tungsten rings for men. These rings are cut polished and designed to give an elegant and an everlasting look. Here are few “Black Tungsten” Rings from Mad Tungsten.

"ARMAGEDDON"Black Tungsten Carbon Fiber Rings from Mad Tungsten Rings

       Time for a little stealth black on black with cutting edge, Armageddon tungsten carbon fiber ring! No doubt this stylish ring will soon take pride of place as it’s comfortable to wear and super tough. 

BALLISTIC”- Kevlar Ring from Mad Tungsten Rings

 Black tungsten  rings are the hottest new trend for men and BLASSTIC   from Mad tungsten is certainly no exception! This Tungsten ring is a combination of tungsten with matte black ceramic, polished grooves & a 4mm black and yellow carbon Kevlar

Cougar Bait- Tungsten Carbide Rings

        This Tungsten carbide ring has several raised grooves. With stunning deep tones of highly raised channels it rocks with an ingenious two tone guise.


“BURGLER”- Black Tungsten Carbide rings

The racy Burgler from Mad Tungsten rings is crafted with High Quality metals and cutting edge Technology to create a stylish design with long lasting finish. Burgler is a combination of Black plated Tungsten Carbide with a green lack carbon fiber strip in the center.

”FUNK JUNKIE”- Black Tungsten Carbide rings

             FUNK- JUNKIE is a funky Tungsten Ring plated black with a white carbon fiber strip in the center. This ring with the black plating and a white carbon fiber strip can make you a funk master.

GLADIATOR- Black Tungsten rings

Gladiator Black Tungsten Ring Featuring a combination of tough polished black Tungsten brushed matte finish with some wicked ceramic grooves and a sparkle of silver. Gladiator is undoubtedly sophisticated

HUMMER- Black Tungsten rings

Hummer Tungsten men’s Ring is just a little fat with black plating and yellow carbon fiber built to last long. Hummer is sure to handle anything that chucks its way.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Tungsten rings for Men

        Tungsten rings for Men

The innovation in jewelry and fashion has brought men’s “Tungsten rings” to the spotlight. These tungsten rings that are specially designed for men are stronger than any other metal and can last for a life span. These rings are made out of tungsten carbide an alloy of tungsten metal that is known for its strength and highest melting point after diamond. Due to the classic finish and strength tungsten rings are maintenance free and can last long compared to other precious metals.
 When it comes to a wedding band for men, tungsten rings make a great choice. Tungsten rings can be made in several colors and shapes by adding few amounts of other metals to it. Due to its high strength tungsten rings can cause damage to other metals when hit rather than itself being damaged.
The two main reasons for men to go for tungsten rings rather than any other precious metal are

·         Strength:

Men tend to work in fields where harsh treatments are given to their rings during their working hours and due to this some don’t prefer to wear their rings during work. The strength of the ring matters for this reason.

·         Long-lasting classic finish:

The finish in metals like platinum, gold and silver doesn’t last long as that of a tungsten ring. The scratches in tungsten rings can be removed by wiping it with a soft cloth.
Men’s tungsten rings are solid in nature and can be preferred for a daily use and wedding rings due to the durability. Tungsten rings are 4 times stronger than titanium rings and are heavy as well.

Be it a Wedding band or a daily use ring Tungsten rings can be the perfect choice for men.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wedding Rings, A symbol of Love!

              Wedding Rings, A symbol of Love!

Wedding rings and engagement rings are given to your partner as a symbol of love; these rings are more than a piece of jewelry as they depict the love and valuable emotions for a person. Exchanging rings on a wedding has been a practice for years but does anyone know “why and where these sentimental practices stem from?” - This history was a mystery for years and the mystery is revealed here.

History of Wedding Rings:
Rings have been a part of wedding tradition for years and it is believed to be originated in Ancient Egypt where rings were exchanged by couples as a symbol of love, faith and respect for their mate. In Roman tradition it was a legal commitment between the couple as:  when the girl accepts a ring from a man she is not allowed to remove herself from marrying the man.
By relating this with science it seems that the vein that runs through the heart lies in the left hand ring finger and when a ring is worn on this finger the love for a person is bound to the internal soul.
In early day when a girl commits herself to a man she was looked upon as a possession of him and so rings were made out of “Iron” in during this period. But as days and centuries passed people started concentrating on the designs and durability of “their symbol of love” (wedding rings).
Today more importance is given to the beauty and durability of wedding rings as couples want their wedding rings to last long. For this reason they have shifted from the precious metals to stronger metals like titanium and tungsten carbide.
Wedding ring, an incredible piece of jewelry that symbolizes love remains popular even after centuries. Thankful to the revolution of tungsten rings for producing the hardest ring that can last long for a life time.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Long lasting rings for a long lasting bond!!

             Long lasting rings for a long lasting bond!!

     Tungsten otherwise known as wolfram got its name from the Swedish word “tung” “sten” i.e. “Heavy Stone”. Tungsten is a chemical element that is found naturally on earth in chemical compounds. This metal is well known for its strength and is used for various purposes like x-ray tubes, light bulbs, etc.

     Tungsten is used in the production of other hard materials know as tungsten carbides that have high melting point. This material is widely used in industrial application and jewelry.  The jewelry made from tungsten carbide is known for its hardness and are usually scratch free.

     The most commonly produced jewelries from tungsten carbide are “tungsten carbide rings”. These are known for its hardness after diamond. Although these are not precious metal like silver, gold or platinum they are widely used for wedding bands by men and women.     These tungsten carbide rings otherwise known as tungsten rings are usually combined with 10 to 15% of other metals in order get a better shape and engraving on it. These rings are also coated with a layer of gold if preferred.

     With the better hardness and scratch resistance tungsten rings can be called as an ‘ideal wedding ring” as they last long with the same perfect new look. High quality tungsten rings can be identified by its thickness.

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