Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Long lasting rings for a long lasting bond!!

             Long lasting rings for a long lasting bond!!

     Tungsten otherwise known as wolfram got its name from the Swedish word “tung” “sten” i.e. “Heavy Stone”. Tungsten is a chemical element that is found naturally on earth in chemical compounds. This metal is well known for its strength and is used for various purposes like x-ray tubes, light bulbs, etc.

     Tungsten is used in the production of other hard materials know as tungsten carbides that have high melting point. This material is widely used in industrial application and jewelry.  The jewelry made from tungsten carbide is known for its hardness and are usually scratch free.

     The most commonly produced jewelries from tungsten carbide are “tungsten carbide rings”. These are known for its hardness after diamond. Although these are not precious metal like silver, gold or platinum they are widely used for wedding bands by men and women.     These tungsten carbide rings otherwise known as tungsten rings are usually combined with 10 to 15% of other metals in order get a better shape and engraving on it. These rings are also coated with a layer of gold if preferred.

     With the better hardness and scratch resistance tungsten rings can be called as an ‘ideal wedding ring” as they last long with the same perfect new look. High quality tungsten rings can be identified by its thickness.

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