Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Black Tungsten Rings from Mad Tungsten

Black Tungsten Rings from Mad Tungsten 

The Tungsten carbide rings are gently polished with a coating of black to produce the stunning Black Tungsten rings for men. These rings are cut polished and designed to give an elegant and an everlasting look. Here are few “Black Tungsten” Rings from Mad Tungsten.

"ARMAGEDDON"Black Tungsten Carbon Fiber Rings from Mad Tungsten Rings

       Time for a little stealth black on black with cutting edge, Armageddon tungsten carbon fiber ring! No doubt this stylish ring will soon take pride of place as it’s comfortable to wear and super tough. 

BALLISTIC”- Kevlar Ring from Mad Tungsten Rings

 Black tungsten  rings are the hottest new trend for men and BLASSTIC   from Mad tungsten is certainly no exception! This Tungsten ring is a combination of tungsten with matte black ceramic, polished grooves & a 4mm black and yellow carbon Kevlar

Cougar Bait- Tungsten Carbide Rings

        This Tungsten carbide ring has several raised grooves. With stunning deep tones of highly raised channels it rocks with an ingenious two tone guise.


“BURGLER”- Black Tungsten Carbide rings

The racy Burgler from Mad Tungsten rings is crafted with High Quality metals and cutting edge Technology to create a stylish design with long lasting finish. Burgler is a combination of Black plated Tungsten Carbide with a green lack carbon fiber strip in the center.

”FUNK JUNKIE”- Black Tungsten Carbide rings

             FUNK- JUNKIE is a funky Tungsten Ring plated black with a white carbon fiber strip in the center. This ring with the black plating and a white carbon fiber strip can make you a funk master.

GLADIATOR- Black Tungsten rings

Gladiator Black Tungsten Ring Featuring a combination of tough polished black Tungsten brushed matte finish with some wicked ceramic grooves and a sparkle of silver. Gladiator is undoubtedly sophisticated

HUMMER- Black Tungsten rings

Hummer Tungsten men’s Ring is just a little fat with black plating and yellow carbon fiber built to last long. Hummer is sure to handle anything that chucks its way.

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