Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wedding Rings, A symbol of Love!

              Wedding Rings, A symbol of Love!

Wedding rings and engagement rings are given to your partner as a symbol of love; these rings are more than a piece of jewelry as they depict the love and valuable emotions for a person. Exchanging rings on a wedding has been a practice for years but does anyone know “why and where these sentimental practices stem from?” - This history was a mystery for years and the mystery is revealed here.

History of Wedding Rings:
Rings have been a part of wedding tradition for years and it is believed to be originated in Ancient Egypt where rings were exchanged by couples as a symbol of love, faith and respect for their mate. In Roman tradition it was a legal commitment between the couple as:  when the girl accepts a ring from a man she is not allowed to remove herself from marrying the man.
By relating this with science it seems that the vein that runs through the heart lies in the left hand ring finger and when a ring is worn on this finger the love for a person is bound to the internal soul.
In early day when a girl commits herself to a man she was looked upon as a possession of him and so rings were made out of “Iron” in during this period. But as days and centuries passed people started concentrating on the designs and durability of “their symbol of love” (wedding rings).
Today more importance is given to the beauty and durability of wedding rings as couples want their wedding rings to last long. For this reason they have shifted from the precious metals to stronger metals like titanium and tungsten carbide.
Wedding ring, an incredible piece of jewelry that symbolizes love remains popular even after centuries. Thankful to the revolution of tungsten rings for producing the hardest ring that can last long for a life time.

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