Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Madtungsten Wishes Happy Volunteer's Day

What do I like the most? 

 Sport Cars, Swiss Watches, The Happy Meal and the list goes on. The interest changes as time passes by and the one thing we all ought to remember is drowning. Not the Titanic,(because you know, it’s already down); the topic here is about giving something back to the community in return to all it has given you with. Money, yeah!!! That’s good, but not good enough. Well, the community deserves something way more than just a couple hundred dollars, they deserve service. Because money buys things and service rules the hearts of people and people should aim for the hearts.

To commemorate this year’s International Volunteer Day, Mad Tungsten Australia would love to show respect to the ones that have volunteered themselves to causes that makes this world a better place to live. Furthermore we are slashing down the price of our Signature Tungsten Ring, which without doubt is the signature of Mad Tungsten Australia. Slashing down the price of it by 10%, we deliver the best of our rings at a price that is unbelievable. A Mad Offer which one simply cannot refuse.  

Profiting the people who dedicate themselves to a social cause is a strong belief we follow. On the verge of laying the best foundation ever in the history of tungsten jewelry, Mad Tungsten realizes what volunteering for a social cause really is. Mad Tungsten Rings Australia – Providing people what they deserve

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