Monday, 29 December 2014

Qualities that a Wedding Ring Must have !

There is a person who leaves behind everything to just be with you. And that person deserves to have everything he/she wishes for. God makes these relationships in haven and joins them in a holy matrimony called ‘Marriage’. This day embarks as the single most important day of their lives. Mad Tungsten Australia comes across many such star crossed love stories. The one common thing in every marriage is the fact that, the two strive to make everything perfect this day. Let it be the flowers, outfits, the location, the band and of course the rings.

Everything that is involved in a wedding just lasts for a day, except for a few. Wedding rings are to be worn every single day and hence the reasoning required in choosing the right rings are of utmost importance.

Since worn everyday these rings have certain qualities. 
The first of all is the comfort it gives you; wearing a ring with a big stone it is madness. Washing the dishes, everyday office work and nurturing your kids wouldn’t be an easy task when the ring stands as an obstacle for all these. 
Two - it must be shatter proof and scratch proof. The ring must look new every time you see it; otherwise it just becomes an eyesore to your own eyes. 
Three - just looking at the ring must sooth your heart. This point isn’t a myth, a perfect ring does sooth a heart every time you look at it.

A ring with these three qualities make the perfect ring; and to stone lovers, a diamond ring isn’t what makes this. Tungsten rings makes the perfect choice when these are taken under consideration. Comfortable, shatter proof, scratch proof and it does definitely sooth your heart when you choose the perfect design.    


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