Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#WearItPink: Mad Tungsten Supports Awareness for Breast Cancer

We could be heroes, me and you!!! That’s just the beginning of something great, nothing is ever going to stop us from achieving what we deserve, not even Breast Cancer. A cancer that specifically targets women!!! That’s so rude. Being the most common Cancer among women, it threatens the life span of even a healthy woman. It’s not just we must save ourselves from this deadly disease, but it solely falls on us to support and campaign crowds spreading awareness. If it’s not us then who will it be?

#WearItPink is an initiative to bring awareness within people about Breast Cancer and their deadly outcomes. Apart from just educating people about the effects, the #WearItPink campaign is a research that saves lives. October 24th isn’t just a date to flaunt your pinkest dress from the large wardrobe from your house. It is a date to showcase your support for those who actually went down having this dreary disease.

Mad Tungsten Australia has come up with a specifically designed ring to show its support to this awareness. Named Pussy Kat, this ring is the perfect way to show your support for those brave heroes who really did go through the painful path. It’s important that we remember them and this petite yet grand ring showcases every bit of the struggle that made this happen. A hard worked struggle and a tough earned life is never going to sink. It’s time for every woman in you to be a hero. Get your ring here.

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